•  Barn In & Out Stalls - 12' x 16' stall x 24' outside run.  $740 per month.

  •  Outdoor 3/4 Covered Mare Motel - 12' x 24'.  $490 per month.

  •  Large Outdoor 3/4 Covered Mare Mote- 24' x 24'.  $640 per month.



  •  Barn stalls include shavings.
  •  Outside stalls have option of adding shavings at owners cost.
  •  Horses are fed 3 times a day, 3 flakes per day.  Standard feed is Alfalfa and Teff hay.  Extra flakes are available at owners  request*
  •  Stalls cleaned daily (excluding Sundays).
  •  Community tack room.
  •  Full use of facility that includes 2 arenas, round pen, turn out pens, wash racks, cross ties, hot walker and beautiful manicured  grounds.



1. Horse trailer parking = $65-$75 per month for boarders, $95 per month for non-boarder.  Size of trailer TBD.

2. Additional bags of shavings and/or absorbent.  Pricing TBD.

3. Additional feed: 

    • Alfalfa extra flake per day.
    • Teff Grass extra flake per day.

5. Supplement feeding.

6. Turn out: 4 hours a day 5 days a week.

7. Blanketing.

8. Lunging.


Thank you for your interest in Baker Scudder Farms.  We are a small 21 stall, family run facility, that prides itself in high quality horse care.  For more information, please contact Bonnie Scudder at bbscuddder@earthlink.net or visit our website at www.bakerscudderfarms.com.